EZ Fill-ter Bags

Ollie EZ Fill-ter bags come in 2 sizes:

Small- 42"L x 36"W

Large- 72"L x 36"W

We get asked all the time, "what is the best way to fill up the void in my planter?" Well we have come up with the innovative solution that is a market first. The OLLIE EZ FILL-TER custom made-to-fit-all filter bags, solve 3 challenges to getting your planter ready for growing medium and the plants.

1: Made of landscape filter fabric that filters the water before it drains out the bottom. That means cleaner and clearer water draining out of the bottom of your planter. No need to buy any filter cloth for your planter now! Guaranteed to last for many years.

2: It allows excess water to drain away and oxygen to access the roots of the plants. Plants love it, and you will love the look of your happy plants.

3: It fills the void in the bottom of your planter so that all you need to do is add your OLLIE PLANT SIPPER Self Watering Unit and growing medium (or soil), select the plants, and your done. We make planters beautiful and easy to install.

It simply sits on the bottom of your planter, it couldn't be easier or more effective.

The first planter drainage system and fills the void and filters the soil. This system in custom made for our planter styles and ships with your Planters Perfect planter. The filter bags are filled with a non-biodegradable 100% Recyclable packing foam, that will not break down, is extremely lightweight and one of the best filter and void filling mediums we have ever used. They are made with 30% post consumer recycled product. It opens and closes with a velcro opening. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Make your planters, well, perfect!

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