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Commercial Divider Series

Sizes with * are made with a 1" lip.

Perfect for screening views, or creating separate seating areas in large open spaces. This planter allows more flexibility in changing the feel of a space.

Designed for durability and performance, our custom planters for commercial and residential projects are made from heavy-gauge, marine grade, recycled 5052 Aluminum Alloy that is also used for boat and ship building. Finished to last a lifetime, our Super Durables TM powder coating is specially formulated to withstand UV radiation, temperature changes and other severe weather conditions.

Available Sizes

  • 32" L x 16"W x x 42"H
  • 36" L x 16"W x x 42"H
  • 40" L x 16"W x x 42"H
  • 46" L x 16"W x x 42"H
  • 60" L x 16"W x x 42"H
  • 72" L x 16"W x x 42"H

These planters are fabricated with a 1" top lip.

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