Create a sensation with the dramatic Cubicae planter. Available in a large variety of sizes, these painted fiberglass cube planters place your plants in the centre of attention, surrounded by symmetry. Used in groups, these planters create a linear, right-angled design that begs the question - why would anyone ever want to think outside the box?

  • Resistant to corrosion, frost, and UV
  • Available in in multiple stock colours, as well as custom colours
  • Available Sizes (diameter inches)
    • 16"L, 16"W, 16"H
    • 20"L 20"W, 20"H
    • 24"L, 24"W, 24"H
    • 15"L, 7"W, 20"H
    • 28"L, 28"W, 28"H
    • 31"L, 31"W, 31"H
    • 35"L, 35"W, 35"H
    • 39"L, 39"W, 39"H

A smooth finish keeps the Cubicum from looking intensely industrial and allows them to be used in contemporary designs as well.

Click here for more variations of the Cubicae 5945

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