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What to look for in high-quality planters

At Green Theory, we guide you all the way to the end. We want to make sure that you are as comfortable as can be when purchasing planters from us. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, call us at 1-844-747-9283 or email us at sales@GreenTheoryDist.com



Request to see what type of aluminum they're using. 1/8" gauge aluminum is generally what most companies use. What you want to look for is marine grade aluminum. This type of aluminum is used to make boats and marine vehicles. Planters created from this material are stronger and more durable.



For larger planters, generally 50" or greater, will need to have small structural changes to create a stronger, more durable and long lasting.


Hat Bracing

This bracing is placed on the lengths of the planter walls. This type of bracing keeps the large walls of the planter strong and away from bowing.


Top Lip

A Top Lip allows the top area of the planter to stay strong and holds the walls together. In addition to the top lip, you can add a return. A return is a 90 degree lip to the already existing top lip. The width of the top lip and return are normally within 1" to 2"



If the plants that are going inside the planter don't require too much soil, you may use a void filler. This void filler uses lighter material to fill up the space. This material is normally a sponge-like foam and reduces the stress on the planter walls