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Things to consider when designing a custom planter! | Custom Planters | Planter Design | Designing Strong Planters

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Things to consider when designing a custom planter!

#1. The Size – When it comes to planters, size is important. It influences the placement of the planter itself as well as the amount of plants it can contain. It should be the number one factor to look into. You should determine the size of the planter that suffices for your need, be it for interior plants of gardens plants.

#2. Drainage Matters – The health of your plants are highly dependent on having a very efficient soil. The soil should provide ample water and the air in equal measure. The planters you choose determine the kind of soil ecosystem that your plants will have. If the planter drains water too fast, your planter will not have sufficient water to thrive. On the other hand, if the planter you choose tends to retain too much water, the soil will be bogged and as a consequence, it will contain little to no air for the roots.

#3. The Weight – Another important issue you need to have in mind is the weight of the planter and the net weight of the planter along with the plants (which include water and soil weight). If you want your planter to be highly mobile, it is of great importance to have a planter that is lightweight. The same case applies if you intend to place the planters on sensitive platforms such as balconies. Ff the planter is intended for stationary garden use, matters of weight can take the back seat.

#4. Durability – Finally, you need to ensure you purchase a planter that will last as long as you need it to. There is no benefit in purchasing planters that perform exceptionally well but can only last one or two years. Planters are expensive investments, and with this in mind, ideally they should last very long. 

A Lip & Return add an incredible amount of strength to a planter, keeping the tip ridged and strong. Internal hat bracing can also strengthen a planter and reduce the chance of any bowing. This is mainly used on planters that are 45" or longer.