Tau Manufacturing

From concept to end product, Tau planters are designed to enrich your surroundings. Tau planters are handmade with a focus on customer satisfaction. The engineers and designers behind our products have worked together to create high-end fiberglass planters that look great and endure the elements. Our planters are manufactured to a high-level, and we proudly guarantee their quality to American Standards.

Being made from fiberglass is one of the reasons that Tau planters are a superior product. Fiberglass is unique in that it is a composite material, meaning that it is strengthened with a reinforcing substance. As the name suggests, the glass fibers support a resin substance, which together make up the overall fiberglass material. There are all sorts of benefits to using this strong product. For instance, fiberglass is resistant to water, corrosion and UV damage, making it ideal for outdoor planters. Fiberglass also has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Planters made from fiberglass offer great value for money, as this material is durable and lasts for a long time, even in extreme settings. Fiberglass planters guarantee a durable and superior product for customers.

The Tau planter range offers solutions for many different tastes. We realize that different homeowners, designers, and architects, all have a range of tastes and needs. We are proud to offer planters in all different sizes, shapes and styles so that our products can meet these differing preferences. For instance, you may need a planter that offers privacy. The Dividum design enables you to divide spaces and create a measure of seclusion. Perhaps you are looking to feature your favorite houseplant in a striking manner? The Quadrum line of planters offers a stylish form to showcase your finest plants. Whatever your requirements are, Tau planters have a solution.

In the final stages of production, before delivery, a topcoat is applied to the planters. The UV resistant automotive paint used for this topcoat offers another level of protection. Clients are given the choice of over 20 different styles of finishes, including matte, metallic and classic styles. It is also possible to request a custom combination of different finish styles and coloring. The high-grade finishing on Tau planters reflects our dedication to delivering a superior product.

The philosophy behind the designs of Tau planters is to achieve client satisfaction without any cost to quality or durability. The result is a product range that not only looks appealing but can also stand up to the harshest conditions of everyday life. Green Theory Distributors are the exclusive supplier of Tau planters in North America and are dedicated to providing premium planters to their clientele. Take a look at the extensive range of planters to find exactly what you need.