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Tips For Choosing Planters In Vancouver


When you want to add color to the interior or exterior of your residence, choosing a planter can help. It can be difficult to find the appropriate combination of containers, especially when there are numerous choices. This is a challenge many homeowners or office owners will face. To make the selection process easier, we have compiled information on various types of planters in Vancouver. The following information will help you choose the right fit for your decorating or landscaping needs.


Container Size


The container size is important because without adequate space, your plants may not grow appropriately, since their roots cannot spread out. To have a healthy plant it needs space to grow, otherwise it will die. In general, an appropriately sized planter will house a plant that is twice as visible as the planter is. The planter should hold a large amount of soil, so the root system will have adequate space to grow.


Adequate Drainage


For a healthy plant, the root system needs oxygen. If excess water has no way to escape the planter, the roots may not receive enough oxygen and can become susceptible to root rot. Choose a planter with decent drainage holes and ones made from breathable materials. When there is adequate drainage, this can prevent overwatering and allow air to circulate throughout the root system. When air is able to circulate, the air can also wick away additional moisture. Since wood planters are a porous material, they provide excellent drainage.

Planter Weight


When you are creating a garden on your deck or balcony, the weight of your planter matters. A heavy planter is difficult to move, especially if you want to change the appearance of your garden or need to rotate the location of specific plants. The weight of your planter when it is empty is less of a concern. Make sure you are considering the weight of your planter when it is full with the plants, soil, and water. Err on the side of caution and choose lightweight materials for your planters.




In many cases, the best planters are expensive. Many people opt for the least expensive options and it often costs more in the end and may cause damage to your plants. Choose a durable planter for more longevity and the health of your plants. How durable the planter is depends on the type of materials used. Fiberglass and galvanized metal are durable options. The quality and workmanship are also as important as the materials.


Reasons To Buy Wholesale Planters


Less expensive- Wholesale planters are typically less expensive than their retail counterparts. You are likely to receive a discount when purchasing at retail, especially if you are purchasing larger quantities.


Better variety- Wholesalers often have a wide variety of planters to choose from, in various colors and high-quality materials. You can find options that work with your specific needs. You also have more autonomy as a customer because you can have better control over your decisions.


Delivery- Wholesalers provide you with an accessible platform to place orders and receive detailed information as your order is in transit. They also make timely deliveries, which can make your more confident in your purchase.


Customer Service- Since wholesalers aim to reach a national market, they often have better, more accessible customer service. Unlike some smaller companies, wholesalers often have a distinct customer service department.


Knowledge- Wholesalers typically have significant experience with plants and planters, making them an excellent resource for answering questions and helping you select the right planter. Since their knowledge is shared freely, you do not have to pay for this added service.


Although planters are low-tech, they can have unique features that make them more or less conducive to growing certain plants. Before you choose a planter, you need to understand the different options for planters in Vancouver to ensure a healthy plant.