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Tips on Finding the Proper Planters in Vancouver


Regardless of whether you are looking to add some color to the exterior or the interior of your home, choosing the ideal planters can really help to make this project come to life. That being said, when faced with a sea of choices, finding the ideal combination of containers can be a bit difficult. This is a challenge which every office owner or homeowner faces. To help simplify things for you, in this article we will look over various kinds of planters in Vancouver as well as how to find the ideal one that will match you basic decorating or landscaping needs.


1. Size is Important


If you were to purchase the wrong size, your plants will not have enough space for proper root growth; this is why the size of the planter is very important. A healthy plant requires the right amount of space for growth, without it they will die. Usually the ideal size planter is one where the plant is about twice more visible than the planter is. It should also be able to hold the proper amount of soil so that there is enough space for the growth of the roots.


2. Proper Drainage


In order for plants to properly grow, the roots must have plenty of oxygen. If excess water is not properly drained, the roots can become waterlogged and can even rot. This is why, finding a planter that has proper drainage holes and is made of breathable materials is so important. A planter that drains properly will prevent over watering and will also allow the air to freely circulate around the plants roots helping to draw out excess water. Being as they are porous, wood planters provide ideal drainage.

3. Planter Weight is Important


The weight of the planter is something you should consider, especially if you will be gardening on a deck or balcony. If you were to opt for heavy planters, if regularly changing the look of your garden is your thing, then it will be difficult to move them around. This is why taking the total weight of the planter, soil, plants and water into consideration is very important. Just to be safe, it is best to go for planters that are made of lightweight materials.


4. Durability


Many times the best planters can be quite pricey. However purchasing a planter that is cheaply made could end up costing you more in the long run as well as damage your plants. This is why it is highly recommended that you buy a planter with great durability. The quality as well as the materials that are used, for example fiberglass, stainless and galvanized metal are what determine the length of life.


Five Benefits of Buying Planters Wholesale


1. Save on Money


Compared to purchasing retail, wholesale planters are a bit cheaper. This is usually because you will probably be provided with a discount.


2. Ample Variety


The planters they offer are generally very varied in colors as well as materials such as galvanized metal and aluminum. This makes it a lot easier to find the perfect planter for your specific needs. As you make better choices, you are also able to enjoy more customer sovereignty.

3. Home Delivery


Wholesalers provide their customers with a platform where after having conveniently placed their orders, they receive detailed documentation and their products are in transit. Generally deliveries are made in a timely manner providing you with complete peace of mind.


4. Excellent Customer Service


Unlike most small companies who may not even have an actual customer service department; wholesalers tend to have a more professional attitude with their customer service as it is their goal to improve the reach of their market across the entire nation.


5. Experienced and Knowledgeable


Wholesale companies have ample experience when it comes to plant science can planters. As you consistently do business with them, this knowledge can be passed on down to you.  Most of the times their knowledge is shared as a value added to the services that they provide, meaning that as their customer, you do not pay additionally for this information.


Although planters are quite low-tech, most offer special features that can help you plant to easily grow in a more productive manner. This is why, prior to investing in any planters, being familiar with the various options of planters in Vancouver is very important.