Planters Perfect



Planters Perfect is the conception of an entrepreneurial, specialized high-end autobody technician. Over eight years ago, a customer approached our then auto body shop with a special request. The customer wanted custom planters with the same precision and craftsmanship that would match his exquisitely engineered high-end sports car. We accepted the challenge and obliged the request, taking fibreglass planters and creating perfect, high gloss red planters that were meticulously gorgeous. Countless hours were spent making each planter appear to be made of engineered metal, matching the car they were intended to mimic.

Upon completion of the project, a thought occurred to us…“wouldn’t it be more desirable and sustainable to make planters out of metal?” Not just any metal, but specifically lightweight, strong and durable marine-grade 5052 aluminum that we would then powder coat.

We quickly realized that this combination of material selection and design approach was something we needed to share. This was the beginning of our venture into the planter design and manufacturing world. Over the years we’ve perfected our craft – the fundamentals of which we were very experienced in having operated an auto body shop – and today we offer our clients premium aluminum planters of every size, shape and colour.

Although our current material of choice is powder-coated high-grade aluminum, we have also mastered superior craftsmanship and fabrication techniques for corten steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel. All of our current modern materials allow for both beautiful aesthetic design results and resilience for shipping worldwide.