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What To Look For In A Wholesale Planter


There is a high demand for wholesale planters, but not everyone is considered equal. There are major differences from one to another. Finding the right planter can be tricky whether it is for your home or your office. You will need to do a little bit of research to find the right one that meets your specific needs, but by focusing on just a few main factors you will be able to find the perfect wholesale planters in Vancouver that meet every single one of your specific practical and aesthetic needs.


#1: Watch The Size


The best planters need to balance looking good with holding plenty of soil and still allowing enough space for the plant's roots to grow. This amount can vary depending on the plant, and giving it more root room to grow helps make a healthier and better-looking plant. There's no question that the planter needs to be at least (on the low side) the equivalent of half the fully grown adult plant size.


#2: Watch Drainage Issues


There are a couple things that you are looking out for when it comes to water drainage. Proper drainage is important to prevent water from leaking out on the floor as well as keeping water in the soil without making it water logged. The proper combination of water and oxygen matters. You do have the option of adding drainage holes to a planter if it isn't produced correctly from the get-go, but that being said you are generally better off if you can find a starting model that you don't need to customize like that.


#3: What's The Overall Weight?


The weight of the planter matters and that's not just what you're buying, but consider how you are going to display this particular plant and think about how much weight might be too much. If it's going to be on a balcony, hanging from a hook on the ceiling, or on a semi-delicate shelf then you need to really watch what the overall weight is going to be.


#4: Is It Durable?


You don't want cheap quality that falls apart all the time. A high-quality planter is one that is durable and can last the test of time. You don't want to re-buy one each year, and a cracked or busted planter can result in the plant dying by the time you can get another one to replace it. Paying for quality up front is always the way to go, especially in comparison to constant replacement.


There are many factors that go into finding the best wholesale planters in the Vancouver area, but if you focus on these four main factors, you will find that you are consistently looking at the best options around.