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How to Look For the Right Planters for Your Vancouver Home


Are you looking to add color to your home’s interior or exterior? If you have the right planters it can go a long way in making your dreams come true. You should find the right combination of containers. This can be tricky when you face a sea of choices.


This is a challenge most homeowners or office owners, will face. You can make things better for you. Here are some different types of planters in Vancouver. This is how to find the right match for your basic decoration or landscaping needs.


Consider the Size


The size of your planter is important. If you purchase the wrong size, your plants may not have enough space for the roots to grow. Healthy plans must have space to grow or they will die. Generally, the right size planter has plants that are two times more visible than the planter. The planter should hold a good amount of soil which allows space for root growth.




For a plant to grow properly, it needs oxygen for the roots. If the surplus water does not escape, the roots may become waterlogged and rot. This can make it difficult to find a planter with great drainage holes. Breathable materials are key. A planter with good drainage will prevent overwatering. This can allow air to circulate around the plant roots and draw excess water away from the plant. Wood planters are porous which provides good drainage.


Consider the Planter’s Weight


If your garden is on a deck or balcony, then you should consider the planter’s weight. That’s because a heavy planter may be difficult to move it around. If you want to change your garden’s look on a regular basis or if mobility is an issue, then you should avoid a heavy planter. Therefore, you should consider the weight of the planter, soil, water, and plants. To be safe, select planter using a lightweight material.




In most case, the best planters can be expensive. Therefore, buying a cheap planter may end up costing you lots of money, and damaging your plants. That’s why you need to buy a planter that is durable. Consider the length of life which depends on the quality and the type of materials used. The standard material used includes fiberglass, stainless, and galvanized metal.


The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Planters


Save money: Wholesale planters may cost slightly less than when you buy on retail. This is because you will be given a discount.


More Variety: Wholesalers supply various planters in different colors including galvanized metal and aluminum. Therefore, you can find planters that meet your unique needs. You should also enjoy more customer buying power to make better choices.


Doorstep delivery: A wholesaler can give you a buying platform that has convenient ways to place orders after receiving detailed documentation of the goods on transit. Usually, wholesalers make timely deliveries. This can give you peace of mind.


Great customer service: A wholesaler need to be more professional when it comes to customer services. The customer service staff aims to expand their market reach across the country, unlike smaller companies which may not even have a customer service department.


Knowledgeable: Wholesale companies have extensive knowledge and experience with plant science and planters. This knowledge can be passed onto you as you work with them. At times, this knowledge is a value added service which the customer do not have to pay an additional fee to use.


Planters are low-tech, however, they may offer special features which can help your plants grow. The right planter can not only make it easier to grow your plants, it can also make your planting more productive. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the different varieties, sizes, and options available in planters.


By gathering this information, you can make an informed purchasing decision. Then you can ensure you’re selecting the right planters for your Vancouver home.