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How To Choose The Most Appropriate Planters In Vancouver

Whenever you feel like redesigning your landscape, some details are going to be more important than others. Choosing the right planter is one of the most important things, as it can make it or break it for you. As a matter of fact, many homeowners find it difficult to choose the best container for their plants, taking into consideration the wide range of available options. This article is going to take a closer look at the various types of planters you can find in Vancouver, so that you can pick the right one for your decoration needs.


Size Is Important

Your planters need to have the right size, so that your plants have enough space for their roots to grow. If the containers are too small, your plants will be too close to each other, so they won't be able to develop properly. If you don't want to see them wilting, you have to make sure you offer them enough room, as their health depends on the proper aeration and root development. As a general rule, the planter should be half the size of the plant itself. Moreover, it should be able to hold a good amount of soil, in order to allow for the healthy development and growth of the plant roots.


Proper Drainage Is A Must

In order to thrive, plants need their roots to receive the right amount of oxygen. This is why you should avoid excess water that causes roots to rot or become waterlogged. When choosing your planter, make sure it is made from breathable materials. Moreover, it should feature proper drainage, as this is the best way to secure free air circulation around the roots. Wood planters are considered to be ideal, thanks to their breathable nature and to their excellent drainage properties.


The Weight Matters


When choosing your planter, you should take into consideration the possibility that you may want to move it from your garden to the deck or to your balcony. This is why it's probably a good idea to purchase a planter made from lightweight materials. Don't forget its overall weight is going to be a lot bigger, as you'll also add soil, water and the plants themselves.


Choose Durability

Planters are expensive, so you should make sure you buy a solid one, in order to avoid having to replace it too frequently. Try to find planters made from materials with very high durability and quality such as stainless steel, fiberglass and galvanized metal.


Check Out Wholesale Planters

Unlike retailers, wholesale suppliers have a wide range of planters to offer their clients. By purchasing your planter from a wholesaler, you have better chances to find the exact size and model you need. You are going to feel like a pampered customer, so you're going to find it easier to make an informed choice.


Buying from a wholesaler saves you a lot of money, as well. Wholesalers have much lower prices than retailers, as they have their own warehouse, thus being able to keep their expenses low. By purchasing your planter from a wholesaler you'll have more options and you'll save a few dollars.


Home Delivery: Wholesalers use a special system that enables you to place your order, receive the invoice and other documents, and them have the planter delivered to your door. This would save you from having to find a suitable vehicle to transport your planter.


Excellent experience and know-how: Wholesalers who are in this business since  decades ago have been handing a lot of planters. They know all these models in the tiniest detail, so they are able to provide you solid advice and guidance throughout your purchase. By buying from them, you can be sure you're going to make the best possible decision.


Impeccable customer service: Unlike small shops, wholesalers are used to cater to their clients. By choosing them, you're going to enjoy excellent customer services.



Even though they are quite simple, planters aren't an impulse purchase, as you have to take into consideration certain features that can help your plants be healthier. This is why you have to take your time and learn as much as you can about all different types of planters before purchasing yours. This is how you can maximize your chances to find the best planter in Vancouver.