Green Theory – Urban Gardening Innovation in Vancouver

Almost half of Vancouverites now live in condos. They don’t have lawns or trees, but what they do have is patio space where they can keep their favourite greenery. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a touch of nature whilst being surrounded by steel, concrete and traffic.

Condo dwellers build these urban gardens in the same way it’s been done for ages. First they get a planter, fill it with soil and then finally plant their favourite clematis, hydrangeas or peonies… really whatever flora strikes their fancy. After that, it’s all about sunlight and water… lots of water. Watering can be an everyday chore, especially in the summer when it’s warmer and your foliage is especially thirsty.

Gone are the days of needing bags upon bags of soil and rock to fill your planters. Now all you need is GREEN THEORY’s EZ FILL-TER bags, which are constructed with landscape filter fabric and then filled with non-biodegradable, 100% recyclable packing foam. These bags fill large voids in your planters, making them weigh a fraction of what they didbefore. This allows avid urban gardeners, with weight restrictions on their balconies, to use a fraction of the soil they would have otherwise needed. EZ FILL-TER bags, allow excess water to be filtered before draining, making a muddy mess under or around your planters a non-issue. Most importantly, plants reach an extremely happy state with the increased oxygen that can now reach their roots systems.

That’s only one half the story… the other being the amazing OLLIE PLANT SIPPER. These amazing little reservoirs utilize the natural capillary action of plants and allow them to essentially water themselves at the root. The result is stronger, bigger, and longer lasting plants that consume 80% less water than plants that are watered topically. Practically, this means you won’t have to water your plants every day… not even every other day. In optimum conditions, you would only need to water your plants every 6 weeks! No more having to “make arrangements” for someone to water your plants when you want to jet away for that long awaited and well deserved vacation. OLLIE’s got you covered.

Combine the three above, and you have yourself one comprehensive urban garden setup that is going to last you for decades, look sharp and make your life a whole lot easier.