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Need A Wholesale Planter? Read These Useful Tips!


Whether you hope to add a pop of color to your home, grow your own fruits, herbs, and veggies, or just get a leg up on growing season, having the appropriate planters is a big step in manifesting your plant growth goals. On the other hand, picking the right mix of containers is not easily done when you are faced with so many options. This challenge is one that any property owner has to deal with in this quest. To simplify things for you, the following sections look at the various kinds of planters you can expect to find in and around Vancouver, as well as how you can create the right mix for your decoration, growing, and landscaping needs.


Size Matters


The size of any planter is critical. If you buy something that is not big enough, then there might not be enough space for adequate root growth. Without enough room for roots and growth, a plant will either not attain maturity at all, or just grow unhealthy and die. A good rule of thumb is to get a planter where the plant is roughly double in visibility to the planter itself. There should also be more than enough room for a healthy volume of soil for roots to grow into.


That Draining Feeling


If plants are going to grow correctly, then even the roots need oxygen. When excess water is unable to drain, then roots can wind up waterlogged, eventually rotting. Your planter not only has to have quality drainage holes but should also be made out of breathable materials. Adequate drainage means that over-watering does not drown out roots, and air circulation keeps excess moisture away from roots. For breathability and great drainage, consider wood planters for their porous nature.


Worth The Weight


If you plan on gardening on a deck or balcony, then the weight of the planter has to be considered. That's because if you pick planters that are too heavy, you're going to have a hard time moving them around. That makes changing up your garden look regularly a hard thing to do. When judging weight, don't just look for planters made of lighter-weight materials; also consider total weights that include the planter, the actual plants, the soil, and the water you add.


Reliability Over Time


Premium planters come at premium prices, in many cases. That actually means that buying a cheap planter might cost you money in the long run since it does not last as long, and it might even hurt your plants. Look for something durable. Materials such as fiberglass, stainless substances, and galvanized metals tend to serve you for years on end.


Planters might look low-tech, but many have particular specialties that help you garden with ease and productivity. Before putting your time and money into any planter, first know what your choices are among Vancouver planters.