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How To Look For The Perfect Planter In Vancouver


When it comes to inducing natural beauty and serenity, nothing beats Mother Nature, especially in the form of plants. This is one of the main reasons that landscaping is valued endeavor. However, this is only true when and if landscaping is done the right way. Otherwise, you will end up with a few plants in and around your property that seem misplaced and out of touch with the design of your house or garden.


One of the most important bits about getting your landscaping right is the planters that you use. Planters are an integral part of the overall landscaping efforts. They are part of the decoration and influence how well you plants thrive.


However, whilst bombarded with planter choices in Vancouver, picking one is downright daunting. One needs to have an intricate understanding of what works and what to look for in planters to choose the best planters possible. Herein we will take a look at some of these factors as well as where you should purchase your planters.


Factor #1. The Size Of The Planter – To novice gardeners, size may seem like a trivial factor. However, experienced gardeners will concur matters of planter size are of critical importance. The size of the planter you choose will determine the number of plants you eventually plant and the placement of the planter itself. If you intend to have a high number of plants in your planter, you should pick an appropriate planter size. You should note that plants require ample room to spread their roots. Otherwise, they may be crowded and end up dying. A golden rule is to have you plant to time as visible (regarding size) as the planter.


Factor #2. Drainage Of The Planter – Even though plants need to be watered on a regular basis, they also need to have an ample supply of oxygen. Therefore, whilst choosing a planter you need to inquire about the drainage efficiency of the prospective planters. Of critical importance is to understand how many drainage holes a prospective planter has as well as the material that the planter is made of. Wooden planters have emerged as the most efficient planters regarding drainage.


Factor #3. The Ideal Weight Of The Planter – If the placement of the planter will be on the balcony and or deck, matters of the net weight of the planter (weight inclusive of the soil and water) are critical. Ideally, you need to have the weight of the planter as low as possible. The same case applies when you need your planter to be highly mobile. In this regard, you need to choose a lightweight planter. Fiberglass planters are good options.


Factor #4. Durability – Quality planters are not cheap. With this in mind, you need to consider matters of longevity. A good planter should last as long as you need it to. Additionally, the performance of the planter should not deteriorate, especially with regards to the drainage of the planter. Regarding longevity, galvanized metal and fiberglass planters tend to have high durability and endurance.


Where To Purchase Planters

While there are many planter vendors, only a few offer good deals. The epitome of these few are the wholesale vendors. When purchasing planters, you should make wholesale vendors your priority source. By doing so, you stand to benefit from;


Reduced purchasing costs – Wholesaler in any market are known to offer better price markups for customers. Therefore, you stand to make a huge saving when you buy from wholesale vendors.


Superior customer service – Wholesalers tend to invest more into their businesses. This gives them the ability to render superior customer services.


Greater variety – By being a wholesaler, they tend to have a wider variety of planters. A wider variety widens your choice of planters.


Knowledge – Wholesalers spend a great deal in understanding the intricacies of planters as part of understanding their products. They pass this knowledge to their customers making is easier for the customers to make their planter choice.