Frequently Asked Questions

What type of material should I choose?

  • We currently have a few types of materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Corten Steel and Fiberglass!
    • Weight - If you are leaning towards aluminum, there are ways to keep the weight of aluminum down. We have Ez-Fill-ter bags! They are bags filled with non-biodegradable foam that is used to fill the void of planters. This makes it so that you don't have to fill the entire planter with soil, making it easier to use for decks or weight restricted areas. 
    • Budget - If you are on a tight budget, fiberglass is the way to go! Its light weight, extremely durable and weather resistant.
    • Customization 
      • Color - If you need a specific color, send us an RAL number
      • Size & Shape- If you need a specific size or shape, any metal material will be the way to go! Our fiberglass planters come in set sizing due to the molds that we had curated.

Do I need drainage holes?

  • Drainage holes are necessary if you aren’t using any self-watering systems or planning on using the planter for a different purpose. No dirty water will collect at the bottom of your planter.

What is the best way to water the plants? / Is there a self-watering option?

  • We suggest using a self-watering system. Our Ollie sub-irrigation allows you to have to only water your plants once every 6 weeks!

What is a top lip and return for?

  • A top lip gives your planter strength and rigidity, allowing for a longer lasting planter. A return will give the planter even more strength, but sometimes is unnecessary depending on the size.

What kind of planter is best for trees?

  • We suggest planters that are wide and are tall to allow the roots of the tree to spread around and also to give enough space to hold up the tree.

I need a specific sized planter, what can I do?

  • We specialize in custom metal planters! With our experience, we will be able to provide you with any size, shape and color. Contact us today for a free quote!