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Choosing the Ideal Planter in Vancouver

There is a variety of reasons people seek planters. Whichever the reason, it is always important to get the right planters. However, finding the right planters can prove to be a herculean task as there are many of them to choose from. But don’t fret, we’ve taken the load off your shoulder and provided you with golden tips on how to choose the best planter ideal for your landscaping or basic decoration needs. Read on to learn more:

Get the Right Planter Size

One of the most pertinent considerations when purchasing a planter is its size. If you get a planter that is too small, the plant may not develop well. For optimal growth, plants need enough room to flourish or they’ll wilt and die. Experts recommend folks to go for a planter that will allow the plant to be at least twice more visible than the planter itself. Moreover, the planter should be big and spacious enough to hold enough amount of soil for the plant’s roots to grow. 


A planter with enough drainage holes and that is constructed of breathable material is the ideal planter for any kind of plant. Plants, just like all other living things, need a constant supply of oxygen if they are to survive. They also need an avenue through which excess water can escape or the roots will get waterlogged, rot and die. Planters featuring a good drainage system allow the circulation of air around the roots and help carry away excess water. Most wood planters are porous and, thus, are the most ideal. 

Weight of Planter

Some people love changing the look of their garden regularly, which means that they have to move planters from one place to another. It can be really difficult to do this if the planter is heavy. Therefore, in case you intend to move the planter about, or you are going to garden the deck or balcony, opt for planters that don’t weigh a lot. Also, consider the cumulative weight of the planter, water, soil and plant. Ensure the planter is made of lightweight materials. 


It is important to buy high-quality planters that are durable and reliable. A cheaply made planter won’t last long and may damage the plant. Check out the materials the planter is made of to gauge the longevity of the planter before purchase.  

Consider Buying the Planters Wholesale

Folks who buy planters on wholesale rather than on retail usually get much more benefits. For example, it is less costly as you are likely to receive a discount. That coupled with the fact that you receive awesome customer service and we deliver the planter at your doorstep makes the purchasing of planters on wholesale such a lucrative idea. It is noteworthy that wholesale companies have an unparalleled know-how on planters and plant science.  They have an impressive variety of planters which come in different colors; you can find the planter that corresponds to your peculiar needs. 


It is important to appreciate the different varieties of planters in Vancouver before shelling out big bucks. There are some that have special features that can help your plants grow easily and more productively.