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Green Theory Distributors Inc is a company that distributes and sources products that enhance our lives, our spaces we design and love, and help protect our precious earth. The products we choose to work fall into these categories.

If you’re reading this, and live in a city, there’s a good chance that you live in a condo. About 50% of you, in fact, live in places without lawns or trees. But you do have a patio; an oasis full of green potential.

You might be thinking, “I don’t have time to water plants and flowers several times a day.” And we don’t blame you! That thirsty foliage can be a real pain to upkeep and manage. GREEN THEORY is flipping that paradigm on its head.

Your patio can now become the garden paradise it was always meant to be, without the hassles normally associated to maintain such a garden.

First, pot your plants, indoors or out, in PLANTERS PERFECT, the sleek alternative to traditional planters. Ranging in size and style, these planters are crafted to the highest standards, combining incredible attention to technical detail and a beautiful design aesthetic. They are perfect for residential and commercial projects alike.  


Add GREEN THEORY’S EZ FILL-TER bags to the planters to fill voids and reduce the weight of the planters, and filter water before draining to eliminate mud. This alleviates any worries for urban gardeners with balcony weight restrictions.

The EZ FILTER BAGS do double duty by giving the roots of your plants more access to oxygen, making for happy, sturdy and beautiful plants.

Your urban garden should be hassle-free! Who wants to water their plants each and every day. Not only is it inconvenient, especially when you go on vacation, but it’s a major burden on cities’ water systems.

With the OLLIE PLANT SIPPER you only need to water your plants every two to six weeks. No, we’re not kidding. You time is freed up, you don’t have to remember to water your plants, and your plants will absolutely THRIVE. With the help of the OLLIE reservoirs, your plants can essentially water themselves at the root instead of at the surface of the soil. The result is stronger, bigger, and longer lasting plants that consume 80% less water. Combine the three above, and you have a comprehensive urban garden setup that is going to last you for decades, look incredibly chic and make your life a whole lot easier.